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PinkFlowerChild! Niall (blue flowers) by lillianflamegirl2014

This is so cute!! Flowerchild!Niall has been done before, but I think that colors that you chose to use for this make it stand out a bi...

Sun of the Egypt by sparrow-chan

I love the way that you've depicted Cleopatra in this! I've noticed that many people kind of go for a kind of generic-looking, pretty "...


Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Hi! I'm Michelle/Axel!! I'm genderqueer, 22, and if you sing the Taylor Swift song at me, I will slit your throat! ♥
I finished college last May, and I'm an aspiring character design artist. So far, not much luck at all searching for jobs...but hopefully soon!! My semi-official character design site is my tumblr, below~
Anything else you'd like to know, just ask~ uwu
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
I DO NOT take requests from people that aren't friends/watchers. Sorry!!
Art Trades are always open to friends/watchers. I'm only gonna take requests when I have time, and gifts are random!! Contests are a definite maybe. :meow:
Tagged again! By Corbellot ~!

1. What's a random or obscure interest of yours that not many people know about? (A hobby, a certain topic, etc.)
I've always been super, super into ancient mythology, especially Egyptian mythology. I've lost a lot of the information I used to know when I was younger, unfortunately, but I'm getting back into it lately and re-learning a lot of stuff, haha! :D

2. What's your favorite instrument to listen to by itself (no singing either)?

Piano and harp...and guitar. and sitar. most anything, really, lol!

3. Do you have a favorite gemstone or mineral?
I really love blue and orange stones...none specifically, really, but those are the colors I generally like in gemstones~

4. What's your favorite childhood book series? (Or movie/TV series if you don't have one)
I really loved the Junie B. Jones books when I was way younger, and the Disney Girl books...and then A Series Of Unfortunate Events and Harry Potter when I got older! (and still~ :meow: )

5. Who was the strangest teacher you ever had?

My 7th-8th grade English/homeroom teacher, Mr. Lund. He did really weird and fun things with his classes all the time, lol! He was one of my favorite teachers QwQ

6. What sort of thing scares you most in horror (faceless apparitions, things moving by themselves, etc.)?
Oh, goodness, lots of things scare me, haha!! Disembodied facial features really creep me out...and living dolls/puppets >A>""" and, just things that seem super realistic, or were based on true stories. (I literally didn't sleep for a month the first time I saw TCM, I was so scared, lol!!)

7. Favorite flower?

Daffodils and daisies QwQ

8. Silver or gold?

9. What's your favorite sort of video game?
RPGs~ and I like puzzle games a lot, too :)

10. If you had to live as a supernatural creature, which would you want to be?

aahh, I'd want to be everything, lol!! :D a merperson, definitely, because I love being in the water so much...but then, satyrs and fauns are just super cute!! And fairies too...!!! QAQ TOO MANY!!

I'm gonna be super lazy and not do any questions, because I can't think of any right now...too tired! maybe I'll add some later on~ Peace 
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  • Playing: Kingdom Hearts
  • Drinking: Diet Coke Lime

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